KB Calendar of Events


January  12th-25th Promote Welcome Back!

January 27th – First day of classes

January 28-29th Promote in lane – Reserved Tables from 12:30-3

January 30th-Welcome Back! in Dunkle 218 from 6-8:30



February 11th – Collab with NCNW – Possibly

February 13th– Women’s Appreciation Table

February 14th-15th– Maryland Sigma Events UMES Homecoming, Morgan Sweat Party

February 22nd– Party Walk competition

February 27th– Collab with ASA – Origin of Stepping




March 1st – Fundraising

March 2nd– 6th Support ASA with their showcase. Brothers hold executive roles and brothers are participating in the showcase

March 8th – Fundraising

March 12th– Women Crush Wednesday Event.

March 15th-23rd Spring Break

March 28th– Fish Fry Friday

March 27-30th– Regionals




April 13th-19th Sigma Week

April 13th – Flag Football Tournament

April 14th – Faculty Appreciation/Billboard in Lane

April 15th– Table For relay for life, 1 sponsor so far Legacy Housing Company

April 16th– As A Man, Guy Code. Females are still welcomed

April 17th– Stroll thru Lane at 1:30, then Chicken and Kool Aid Pt 2 Forum

April 18th– Day Party in the Echo Circle

April 19th– Cook-out



The month of May will just consist chapter nominations, just a general idea of what positions or what roles brothers wish to play for the upcoming year, Fall 2014-Spring 2015.

Not too much is planned for this month just a few days at our leisure, S.E.T., Sigma Education Time or Study with the Sigma’s before finals.

There is in the works for us to co-sponsor a lane party with the Alpha’s,  BLU ICE.

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