ZY Calendar of Events

PBS ZY Event Calendar



Wed the 29th Involvement Fest from 12pm-3pm



Bigger n Better Business Feb 5th

Date Auction w ASA Feb 12th

Valentines Day Candy Grams first 2 weeks of February

Apollo Night Feb 18th



Charter Day


Cabaret, the 7th, Skylight Lounge @ 6p

  • Talk to Jackie about contracts
  • Extend program, add more features
  • Finger foods, photography, music
  • Publicity, speakers, get pamphlets, promote, fundraiser

Spades Night March 20th

College Symposium 1st floor of SOND All day event  March 29



Sigma Week

04/07/13 – Church with ANQ at Destiny Harvest 11-1pm

04/08/13 – Sigma’s vs. Zombies On The Quad from 7-11pm

04/09/13 – Professionalism and Attire lecture hall 4 from 8-10pm

04/10/13 – Community Service day All day (tentative)

04/11/13 – Obezy Work out plan (tentative)

04/12/13 – Sleep out for the homeless 6pm to 6am in The Quad

04/14/13 – Nasty Magic 5 (tentative)

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